Responsible Gambling

Persons under the 18 years old are not allowed to use any of the Company’s services and websites. The Company reserves the right to ask players for their age verification information and to suspend the player’s account until he/she provides information that verifies appropriate age.

All players must provide the Company with the proof of identity and evidence that he/she is at least 18 years old or above. (valid ID, Passport or Driving License or any other valid document, plus evidence of residence). Players are not allowed to make deposits and (or) place bets until the Procedure is finished and their age is verified. Failure to provide the Company with valid ID. Passport or Driving License will lead to Player’s account closure. 

To prevent underage individuals from logging into gambling sites as part of parental control or to enable self-exclusion when necessary, the Company recommends parents or guardians to install a reputable filtering software system, for example  (free) or any other alternative such as  (free trial).


Gambling is a socially acceptable form of recreational activity and, in many cases, classified as a harmless pastime.  Nevertheless, as legalized gambling expands further, gambling-related problems pose a valid public health concern in susceptible individuals. The Company does not, under any circumstances, onboard players or continues a business relationship with those who suffer from or develop a gambling addiction and gambling-related disorders.

The Company Responsible Gaming Policy framework serves as the foundation for identifying risky behaviour through a proprietary internal system. The system flags clients who experience repeated losses, are facing possible financial or mental health risks or who sound distressed and/or act abusively when communicating with the Company staff. These individuals contacted by Customer Service to assess the situation and to discuss activating self-limitation and/or self-exclusion options.

Clients are regularly reminded about effective limit-setting tools such as spend limit, deposit limit, session time limit and given an option to personalize a limit-setting approach. Having a time-out to cool off temporarily anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks is advisable to those who are predisposed to addictive behaviour, experience changes in personal circumstances or exhibit signs of mental illness.


Compulsive gambling is a real issue and we encourage clients to take a test to estimate the degree of your involvement with gambling activities.

In addition, you can visit  for additional testing and further information on virtual and in person meetings around the world. 

Here’s some tips how you can control your gambling:


When playing occasionally stops being fun, turns into daily obsession and you find yourself unable to stop, it is the operator’s duty to recommend activating a voluntary self-exclusion option.

We encourage you to contact our Support Team via email or chat and let us know you would like to stop using our website and all services for a certain period of time and stop receiving marketing or promotional materials from the operator and its affiliates.

We encourage you to speak to a mental health professional at this point in order to gain control of your gambling habit or contact one of the problem gambling help centres, offering support and counselling such as Gambling Anonymous at or Gambling Therapy at

Being self-excluded means not being able to create a new gambling account with the Operator, wager or gamble on your pre-existing account and/or deposit funds.


The Operator reserves the right to impose exclusion on a player who communicates erratically, shows signs of mental illness and exhibits excessive dependence on gambling, as per Client Care’s assessment and recommendations.

We reserve the right to keep accounts closed or deny a reactivation request, to ensure the safety of the player.

Problem gambling must be addressed immediately and we are here to offer our support, should you have questions or concerns.